You can now test your internet speed by taking the simple bandwidth test

Over the years with personal computers being part of millions of homes across the globe, having an internet connection at home is no longer a privilege and has become just as common as having a cable TV connection. All those who use an internet talk about the speed. Speed here is calculated based on the time that is taken to upload or download files over the internet. Then why is it that some find the task really time consuming while others are able to upload and download files almost instantly? Well the answer lies in the speed of their internet service.

So how is speed measured? It is measured in a unit termed kilobytes and the speed is calculated per second. This speed is also referred to as Kbps (kilobytes per second). It is the speed at which a computer that is connected to the internet uploads or downloads files that is measured in kilobytes. The download speed is always a matter of discussion among people – this is because the download of files is the most used function of people using the internet. Likewise if a person’s job needs him to upload files on the internet all day long, it will automatically make him more concerned about the upload speed.

A bandwidth test can be taken to check the speed of any internet service provider. The test will approximately take just a minute or two. There are plenty of websites online offering free bandwidth tests. All you need to do is connect to the internet and visit any such website, you will then be directed to a page which will have options of upload speed check and download speed check, click on the option you want to test and then download or upload a web page depending on the option you choose and get to know the bandwidth in a report that will flash on your screen.