The Truth About Bandwidth Test

Bandwidth test is described as a test used to measure how your download speed is, to a particular server or in general when a file is downloaded from the internet while it is timed. Bandwidth test then measures the actual time it takes for your computer to download the file sent. The result of the test which is your internet speed is expressed in megabits per second (mbps) or kilobits per second.
Due to the fact that the figures resulting from a bandwidth test may fluctuate greatly due to several factors such as a change in internet traffic, such figures are only theoretical. The more internet users log on to the internet using the same internet service provider as your own, the more the speed decreases automatically. Also, the size of the file sent to the computer by the bandwidth tester will also affect the result of the test.
However, if you try another bandwidth tester which sends smaller files, you may get a highest speed figure. Consequently, if a lot of people were using the bandwidth test server simultaneously with you during the test, the outcome of your test may be compromised.
Bandwidth test can be used to test your connection speed to ascertain whether internet connection is properly set up or not while you can also use the test to fine tune your connection. You can use the downloaded diversion to test other connections like a wireless network or go online because bandwidth test is freely available online.
You should consider getting a faster internet connection such as the high speed DSL or cable type connections if you use your internet connection for gaming or if you download large files frequently and receive a low score on your Bandwidth test. Therefore, if the servers that you are connecting to can handle higher speeds, a faster internet connection will more or less increase your download speed or the smoothness of your games.
Bandwidth test help you to get your connection tuned properly, help you to choose a type of connection, choosing severs for web hosting and some other activities relating to internet.
It is possible for you to get accurate bandwidth test results by repeating the test again and again using different sites. In fact, the experts recommended that, if you want to get accurate bandwidth test results, you should conduct the test six times in four or more sites.