Speed Test Sites

The first thing you need to do when your internet connection seems slow to you, is using a bandwidth test. A bandwidth test will give a reasonable accurate indication of the available bandwidth you currently have. You may be paying your Internet Service Provider for amounts of bandwidth that you are not actually getting. This article displays some of the website where you can measure your throughput fairly accurate.
• OOKLA is one of the top bandwidth test sites on the Internet and one of the reasons why they are tops are because their technology is easily used on other websites. Often you will visit an Internet speed testing website and somewhere hidden in a corner you will find they use OOKLA. For this reason it is better to go to their own website, Speedtest.net as you will get authentic result. The problem with other websites using OOKLA is that they often integrate their own server testing points.
• CNET Bandwidth Meter Online Speed Test ha sonly one predefined testing location.
• AuditMyPC.com Speed test is recommended as it tests both the upload bandwidth and the download bandwidth with easily readable results.
• Bandwidth Place Speed Test works via HTML 5 and a great choice in testing mobile phone browsers as well as PC internet speeds.
• Speakeasy Speed Test uses servers and engines provided by OOKLA, thus similar to their Speedtest.net, but it is still popular and it is possible to test bandwidth testing back and forth from different server locations.
• Consumer Broadband Test is suppose to be a US Internet speed test as the US Federal Communications Commission had it set up for consumers of Internet. Although it has an official name and recommended as the right one to use, the testing is done by M-Lab or OOKLA and just hosted by the Federal Communications Commission.