Measuring your Network Throughput

A network throughput can be measured with the use of various tools available on different platforms. People are often concerned about measuring the maximum data throughput in bits per second of their communications link or network access.
Bandwidth test software is used in the determination of the maximum bandwidth of a network connection. Usually it is undertaken by attempting to upload or download the maximum amount of data in a certain period, or the amount of data in a minimum amount of time. An accurate method of doing a bandwidth test is by using software dedicated to do these tests accurately in the measuring of throughput of network access.
There is thousands of bandwidth test software on the market available and to point to one specifically is an impossible task as most of them do the task at hand successfully. The reason why you want to have an accurate measurement of your bandwidth test is to see if your ISP is actually providing you with the Available bandwidth that you are paying for.
Using the right tool you can run a network bandwidth test by monitoring the speed of your data line by creating short load peaks by downloading a small file every few minutes while you measure the time it takes to do so.
A PRTG Network monitor for example can do all that for you as you are able to creat 3 HTTP sensors that access different files with around 500 kb from different fats servers. It allows the sensors to run at intervals of 5 minutes for a couple of hours then it looks at the measured values and charts.
It will show the bandwidth in bits that was achieved while downloading files from HTTP URL. Set up a sensor, choose a URL with smaller file size, and allow it to run for some time. If others are using your data line during the test, you will see unwanted variations on the graph as your test did not get full bandwidth.