Learn about bandwidth tests and why they are used

What exactly does this so called bandwidth test refer to? Well it is a test whereby the download of a file from the net is monitored and timed in order to measure the speed of the download. This very same procedure is then repeated with a file upload, so as to calculate the upload speed this time. This entire process of download and upload to monitor the speed is referred to as a bandwidth test.

This test may be conducted for various purposes and is most commonly used to test the speed of an internet connection and also to check if the connection setup is proper or not. A bandwidth test is also made use of to fine tune an internet connection.

These tests are readily available online and are free to use. This test can be taken online or you can have it downloaded if you need to check and test other connections like a wireless network.

A bandwidth test can help you choose a high speed internet connection. All you need to do is walk into the outlet of an internet service provider stating that are looking to take a new internet connection, after the initial discussion of tariff plans you can tell them you would like to know the speed. At this point they will either quote the speed or hand you the computer to experience the speed yourself. You can make sure if what they quoted is really true by taking the bandwidth test online. You can even ask them to do it for you and see the results yourself.

An even better option would be to call the executives of these internet service providers to your home along with their plug in internet devices. This option is always better as you will actually get a practical estimate of the speed available at the place you will actually access the internet (Read home). Keep in mind the fact that connectivity signals can be weaker or stronger at different locations.