Firewall throughput and Bandwidth Test

You might have noticed many vendors these days speak about firewall throughput when they advertise Unified Threat Management Systems or UTMs. There is a big difference between a firewall and UTM. The job of a firewall is to just do a simple examination of the traffic while the job of a UTM is to stop attacks even on ports that are allowed mainly because UTM consists the crucial IPS or Intrusion Prevention System. This particularly means that even when traffic is being allowed to particular websites, that traffic is also constantly checked in order to detect any malicious attacks.

Whenever a UTM is installed, the security of the website is even stronger. This also means that the IPS must always function and most importantly must always be switched on. Therefore, there is no practical use of a firewall throughput in case the IPS is not switched on. That is the reason why we emphasis that while advertising UTM, it must consist of firewall plus IPS throughput.

Sadly, vendors are either not aware or they are just trying to fool their unsuspecting clients. All what they will do is to just take the already existing firewall and link the IPS on the top of it. This is completely irrelevant and absurd.

We will now shift to bandwidth test. This is a secure website which is freely available on the internet which helps in finding out the speed of your internet connection. This is carried out by sending a couple of files through the internet and find out the transfer rate. The next step will be to check the downloading and the uploading speed of the files. When all the data is gathered, the website provides you with the bandwidth test. With the results, you will be able to judge whether your computer will be faster in its performance or vice versa.