What is a Bandwidth Test?

A bandwidth test is a test where a file is downloaded from the Internet while being timed to measure how your download speed is to a certain server or in general. The same is then done with a file being uploaded to calculate your upload speed. The complete process is called the bandwidth test.
Such a test has quite a few uses; the most common being to test your connection speed and see whether or not your Internet connection is properly set up. This test may also be used to fine tune your connection.
The bandwidth test is freely available online, such a test can be used either online or a downloaded version can be used to test other connections such as a wireless network.
This is performed on different servers or download servers in different locations may help you decide which servers you would like to make use of for specific uses such as downloading/uploading of files, backup, and web or e-mail hosting.
If you download large files frequently or use your Internet connection for gaming and receive a low score on your bandwidth test then you may want to consider getting a faster Internet connection such as high speed DSL or cable type connections.
A faster Internet connection will almost certainly increase your download speed or the smoothness of your games provided that the servers that you are connecting to can handle the higher speeds.
A bandwidth test may help you in a lot of ways whether it be getting your connection tuned properly, choosing servers for web hosting and other Internet related activities or help in choosing a connection type. With all these uses and the added bonus that the bandwidth test is usually free there is really no reason not to give it a try.

Speed Test Sites

The first thing you need to do when your internet connection seems slow to you, is using a bandwidth test. A bandwidth test will give a reasonable accurate indication of the available bandwidth you currently have. You may be paying your Internet Service Provider for amounts of bandwidth that you are not actually getting. This article displays some of the website where you can measure your throughput fairly accurate.
• OOKLA is one of the top bandwidth test sites on the Internet and one of the reasons why they are tops are because their technology is easily used on other websites. Often you will visit an Internet speed testing website and somewhere hidden in a corner you will find they use OOKLA. For this reason it is better to go to their own website, Speedtest.net as you will get authentic result. The problem with other websites using OOKLA is that they often integrate their own server testing points.
• CNET Bandwidth Meter Online Speed Test ha sonly one predefined testing location.
• AuditMyPC.com Speed test is recommended as it tests both the upload bandwidth and the download bandwidth with easily readable results.
• Bandwidth Place Speed Test works via HTML 5 and a great choice in testing mobile phone browsers as well as PC internet speeds.
• Speakeasy Speed Test uses servers and engines provided by OOKLA, thus similar to their Speedtest.net, but it is still popular and it is possible to test bandwidth testing back and forth from different server locations.
• Consumer Broadband Test is suppose to be a US Internet speed test as the US Federal Communications Commission had it set up for consumers of Internet. Although it has an official name and recommended as the right one to use, the testing is done by M-Lab or OOKLA and just hosted by the Federal Communications Commission.

Measuring your Network Throughput

A network throughput can be measured with the use of various tools available on different platforms. People are often concerned about measuring the maximum data throughput in bits per second of their communications link or network access.
Bandwidth test software is used in the determination of the maximum bandwidth of a network connection. Usually it is undertaken by attempting to upload or download the maximum amount of data in a certain period, or the amount of data in a minimum amount of time. An accurate method of doing a bandwidth test is by using software dedicated to do these tests accurately in the measuring of throughput of network access.
There is thousands of bandwidth test software on the market available and to point to one specifically is an impossible task as most of them do the task at hand successfully. The reason why you want to have an accurate measurement of your bandwidth test is to see if your ISP is actually providing you with the Available bandwidth that you are paying for.
Using the right tool you can run a network bandwidth test by monitoring the speed of your data line by creating short load peaks by downloading a small file every few minutes while you measure the time it takes to do so.
A PRTG Network monitor for example can do all that for you as you are able to creat 3 HTTP sensors that access different files with around 500 kb from different fats servers. It allows the sensors to run at intervals of 5 minutes for a couple of hours then it looks at the measured values and charts.
It will show the bandwidth in bits that was achieved while downloading files from HTTP URL. Set up a sensor, choose a URL with smaller file size, and allow it to run for some time. If others are using your data line during the test, you will see unwanted variations on the graph as your test did not get full bandwidth.

Top Bandwidth Test Downloads

A bandwidth test is great for individuals concerned about maximum data throughput in the network. Below are some websites were you can use to download a bandwidth test.
• Softperfect.com has bandwidth test software called NetWorx and is a free download to evaluate your bandwidth objectively. Bandwidth usage date can be collected as well as identifying possible network problems and ensure bandwidth limits are not exceeded as your ISP specified.
• Software.informer.com has the Bandwidth Meter Pro which is a reliable tool for bandwidth testing on multiple connections, displaying data graphically, daily, weekly or monthly. The Bandwidth Meter Pro is a download of 1.16 MB and sells for $24.95.
• Softonic has a free bandwidth test available online and it is not a download but online and onscreen test you can do as many times as you want. This service however is only available to users of Washington, DC, Dallas, TX, Los Angeles, CA, London, UK.
• Beeline Bandwidth Test also provide users with a free bandwidth test, but it is also an online service with no separate download, but you have the opportunity to do 20 free tests a day.
• Tamosoft.com has offers their Throughput Test, which runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit as a free download. This software runs on Windows server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows XP. A versatile tool sending UPD and TCP data streams across the network computing important metrics like the downstream and upstream throughput values, round-trip time, packet loss and results are displayed in chart format and numeric format.
• Tracert.org has a bandwidth test meter for free testing of bandwidth and also is not downloadable, but you are welcome to test your internet throughput for free with their accurate bandwidth test. This test will give results of both your bandwidth as well as your PC speed.

Bandwidth tests and its importance in businesses

The term bandwidth points out to transfer of information at bit rate. A bandwidth test is basically carried out to figure out the speed or rate at which information is transferred. Bandwidth tests may be carried out for personal use on personal computers to determine the speed of an internet connection, but such tests are vital to businesses.

You will find different types of software that is available in order to conduct a bandwidth test. The software can either be purchased or you can even have it downloaded from the internet free of cost. Most of the bandwidth test that are available are usually meant to test the speed of any given internet connection. Then there are the sophisticated bandwidth tests that explain in detail what exactly is being measured along with a valid reason, but these sophisticated tests do not come free and hence need to be purchased.

Bandwidth testing is vital for businesses in order to determine the capabilities. While most of the software just tests the maximum or highest exchange rate, some software also does verify the average speeds. In fact the verification of average speed is far more important than knowing just the maximum speed. Such tests help in tracking the rate or speed at times when is an increased traffic load and also aids in tracking speed rates at any given hour of the day, thereby posing to be highly beneficially to businesses or companies operating at specific hours.

Downloading free bandwidth tester software may be just appropriate to test a connection meant for personal use, but it is for a business it is highly recommended that you purchase an advanced version of the bandwidth software. If a business draws a lot of traffic executing purchases, it will need to make sure that the connection that is being used is high in speed and dependably consistent.

You can now test your internet speed by taking the simple bandwidth test

Over the years with personal computers being part of millions of homes across the globe, having an internet connection at home is no longer a privilege and has become just as common as having a cable TV connection. All those who use an internet talk about the speed. Speed here is calculated based on the time that is taken to upload or download files over the internet. Then why is it that some find the task really time consuming while others are able to upload and download files almost instantly? Well the answer lies in the speed of their internet service.

So how is speed measured? It is measured in a unit termed kilobytes and the speed is calculated per second. This speed is also referred to as Kbps (kilobytes per second). It is the speed at which a computer that is connected to the internet uploads or downloads files that is measured in kilobytes. The download speed is always a matter of discussion among people – this is because the download of files is the most used function of people using the internet. Likewise if a person’s job needs him to upload files on the internet all day long, it will automatically make him more concerned about the upload speed.

A bandwidth test can be taken to check the speed of any internet service provider. The test will approximately take just a minute or two. There are plenty of websites online offering free bandwidth tests. All you need to do is connect to the internet and visit any such website, you will then be directed to a page which will have options of upload speed check and download speed check, click on the option you want to test and then download or upload a web page depending on the option you choose and get to know the bandwidth in a report that will flash on your screen.

Firewall throughput and Bandwidth Test

You might have noticed many vendors these days speak about firewall throughput when they advertise Unified Threat Management Systems or UTMs. There is a big difference between a firewall and UTM. The job of a firewall is to just do a simple examination of the traffic while the job of a UTM is to stop attacks even on ports that are allowed mainly because UTM consists the crucial IPS or Intrusion Prevention System. This particularly means that even when traffic is being allowed to particular websites, that traffic is also constantly checked in order to detect any malicious attacks.

Whenever a UTM is installed, the security of the website is even stronger. This also means that the IPS must always function and most importantly must always be switched on. Therefore, there is no practical use of a firewall throughput in case the IPS is not switched on. That is the reason why we emphasis that while advertising UTM, it must consist of firewall plus IPS throughput.

Sadly, vendors are either not aware or they are just trying to fool their unsuspecting clients. All what they will do is to just take the already existing firewall and link the IPS on the top of it. This is completely irrelevant and absurd.

We will now shift to bandwidth test. This is a secure website which is freely available on the internet which helps in finding out the speed of your internet connection. This is carried out by sending a couple of files through the internet and find out the transfer rate. The next step will be to check the downloading and the uploading speed of the files. When all the data is gathered, the website provides you with the bandwidth test. With the results, you will be able to judge whether your computer will be faster in its performance or vice versa.

Learn about bandwidth tests and why they are used

What exactly does this so called bandwidth test refer to? Well it is a test whereby the download of a file from the net is monitored and timed in order to measure the speed of the download. This very same procedure is then repeated with a file upload, so as to calculate the upload speed this time. This entire process of download and upload to monitor the speed is referred to as a bandwidth test.

This test may be conducted for various purposes and is most commonly used to test the speed of an internet connection and also to check if the connection setup is proper or not. A bandwidth test is also made use of to fine tune an internet connection.

These tests are readily available online and are free to use. This test can be taken online or you can have it downloaded if you need to check and test other connections like a wireless network.

A bandwidth test can help you choose a high speed internet connection. All you need to do is walk into the outlet of an internet service provider stating that are looking to take a new internet connection, after the initial discussion of tariff plans you can tell them you would like to know the speed. At this point they will either quote the speed or hand you the computer to experience the speed yourself. You can make sure if what they quoted is really true by taking the bandwidth test online. You can even ask them to do it for you and see the results yourself.

An even better option would be to call the executives of these internet service providers to your home along with their plug in internet devices. This option is always better as you will actually get a practical estimate of the speed available at the place you will actually access the internet (Read home). Keep in mind the fact that connectivity signals can be weaker or stronger at different locations.

The Truth About Bandwidth Test

Bandwidth test is described as a test used to measure how your download speed is, to a particular server or in general when a file is downloaded from the internet while it is timed. Bandwidth test then measures the actual time it takes for your computer to download the file sent. The result of the test which is your internet speed is expressed in megabits per second (mbps) or kilobits per second.
Due to the fact that the figures resulting from a bandwidth test may fluctuate greatly due to several factors such as a change in internet traffic, such figures are only theoretical. The more internet users log on to the internet using the same internet service provider as your own, the more the speed decreases automatically. Also, the size of the file sent to the computer by the bandwidth tester will also affect the result of the test.
However, if you try another bandwidth tester which sends smaller files, you may get a highest speed figure. Consequently, if a lot of people were using the bandwidth test server simultaneously with you during the test, the outcome of your test may be compromised.
Bandwidth test can be used to test your connection speed to ascertain whether internet connection is properly set up or not while you can also use the test to fine tune your connection. You can use the downloaded diversion to test other connections like a wireless network or go online because bandwidth test is freely available online.
You should consider getting a faster internet connection such as the high speed DSL or cable type connections if you use your internet connection for gaming or if you download large files frequently and receive a low score on your Bandwidth test. Therefore, if the servers that you are connecting to can handle higher speeds, a faster internet connection will more or less increase your download speed or the smoothness of your games.
Bandwidth test help you to get your connection tuned properly, help you to choose a type of connection, choosing severs for web hosting and some other activities relating to internet.
It is possible for you to get accurate bandwidth test results by repeating the test again and again using different sites. In fact, the experts recommended that, if you want to get accurate bandwidth test results, you should conduct the test six times in four or more sites.

Throughput Secrets Exposed!

Throughput also known as network throughput is described as the average rate of successful message delivery over a communication channel in communication networks like the packet radio or Ethernet. This data may pass through a particular network node or delivered over a physical or logical link. The unit of measurement in throughput is the bits per second or bps or bit/s data Packets per second. On the other hand, aggregate or system throughput is the addition of the data rates that are delivered to all terminals in a network. Throughput is synonymous to digital bandwidth consumption.
By means of queuing theory, throughput can be analyzed mathematically. The data packets in your computer need to travel to the intended website through that broad network medium called the internet when we are surfing the internet.
Whenever there is large transfers or high-bandwidth applications, throughput is an important indicator of network performance. Furthermore, it will determine the number of high-bandwidth applications like the video streaming that can be supported or the time needed for the file transfer.
Nevertheless, there is the single TCP throughput used for measuring the throughput provided by the various broadband service plans for such applications that normally use a single TCP session, irrespective of the size of the access pipe. This is to ensure that the access pipe is not filled up to the maximum limit at the time these applications are in use.
The Microsoft Outlook is a good example of popular email client application that uses the single TCP session to transmit email messages between users. Furthermore, there is the Average Peak Throughput that can be supported by the subscribed broadband service plans. The ISP provides internet access to the user for the broadband service plan subscribed by the user at the advertised bandwidth, for the chosen broadband service plan.
Hence, a communication session is setup to exchange data such as email files or other web content between a user computer and device that is connected to another computer, internet or any other device on a network.
The throughput being a system of communication will be limited by enormous number of factors which include; analog limitations, IC hardware considerations, Multi-user considerations and the Goodput and overhead.